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About the ArtisBrowser

The ArtistBrowser is the only browser designed specifically to protect web content rather than expose it as other web browsers do in a bid to be popular. Other "copy protect" browsers are merely reskinned versions of those browsers and their core has not been altered or designed to protect content properly. In contrast, the very core of ArtisBrowser has been designed with one goal in mind and that is to protect web pages and their media from absolutely ALL avenues of copy, save and exploitation.

Your ASPS web pages can use variable levels of protection that are enforced by the ArtisBrowser without recourse, up to and including the monitoring of each computer's unique ID so that the most secure DRM can be employed and managed from your website CMS (like WordPress, Drupal, etc).

About this ASPS Demo Service

The ASPS emo Service provides a means see how effective ASPS copy protection can be when applied to your web site. From the Contol Panle here you can change protection settings and browser window options:

  • Mirror all or part of your website for display in the ArtisBrowser.
  • Manage copy protection levels and browser display options.

How to Optimize for ASPS Mirroring

The first thing to realise is that this ASPS service does not mirror your media. Instead, only the HTML is retrieved from your site and modified. On the mirrored pages, the links are changed to suit teh ASPS mirroed version, but links to all media such as CSS stylesheets, JavaSCripts, images, video and other mesdia are preserved (delieverd via your web site. Only the HTML of the nominated web pages will be deleivered via tour ASPS server.

If in doubt about what to modify you can simply nominate your web site in "Preferences" and from exploring the links within that reconstituted site you will see what needs to be improved. Ideally all hyperlinks should use the full URL like http://example.com/etc. Any links that need to remain pointing to your home site can include rel="nochange", for example <a href="http://example.com/contact.php" rel="nochange">Contact Us</a>

For more information, please see our online User Guide.

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