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How to Prepare Pages for the ASPS Demo Service

First rule: Prevent Direct Access

The first thing to realise is that the ASPS Demo Service will not protect direct access to your nominated page on its own until you prevent direct access from the public. The easiest way to do that is bu using one of our Check Referrer plugins. If you do not understand this concept then please contact our support team by email.

How to Properly Display Video

HTML5 video supported in ArtisBrowser but as with any video player, to prevent visitors from escaping your web page, you need to disable the options for viewing fullscreen.

How to setup an ASPS Demo Service account

See the Tutorial Video for setting up WordPress. The setup for other CMS is very similar as the Check Referrer plugin is available for all popular CMS.

To test your link, go to My Web and click your link. Note that site that you nominate in Preferences is the site for testing. On your site's index page you can provide a link to continue onto the protected page that you want to test. That page will need IP Check Referrer protection to precent direct access, but for now it should be protected, as with any pages that are visited via our ASPS server.

How the ASPS Demo Service works

The ASPS Demo Service uses pages from your web site, modifies them and delivers them via our ASPS server. It can deliver select pages or the whole site can be copy protected.

What can be protected by ASPS Demo Service

ASPS can copy protect anything that can be displayed on a web page including all media such as images, Flash and video. However normal PDF cannot be copy protected while dependent on Adobe Reader because their embedded player can no longer be configured to hide the new save and print buttons. To properly protect PDF while displayed on a web page you can use CopySafe PDF.

It doesn't matter if your media is delivered from content servers, other websites, Amazon S3 or YouTube as long as the web page HTML comes from your website. And it does not matter what type of programming language is used to create your pages or what type of server is used because the ASPS DEmo Service uses the web pages from your site (already assembled for retrieval requests).

How often does the ASPS Demo Service update your web pages?

All pages are delivered live. When your user requests a protected page the ASPS server will retrieve it from your site, convert the appropriate links and deliver it immediately. This way you only have to worry about updating content on your website where you have easy access and the most control over it. Although ASPS is not configured for cache retention, caching may applied by your server and/or your INternet service provider.

How to evaluate ASPS Demo Service

To simply evaluate the effectiveness of ASPS copy protection you start by downloading and installing the ArtistBrowser and then create a demo account

Then edit your Preferences page to nominate your web site. When that is set, click on My Web to visit your site via the ASPS Demo Service.

How to manage your ASPS Demo Service account

Each account is provided with a login to a Control Panel where all of your protection settings can be managed.

How to optimize web pages to be copy protected

When the ASPS server retrieves your web page it will evaluate each and every link on that page by predesigned formula and modify the links accordingly. A a general rule all links pointing to pages outside of your website will not be modified. But all links pointing to pages within your site may be modified so that when your visitor clicks them, that page is also delivered via the ASPS Demo Service.

This is where optimization becomes necessary because not all of your site links need to be protected and there will also be some that should not be protected because it might cause errors such as web forms for submitting posts to blogs and forums, feedback forms and online purchase orders.

If you can edit those links manually you can add a comment for "asps=nochange" for example:  
<a href="page.php" rel="nochange">My Link</a>

Otherwise links in menus and pages can be excluded by nominating their keyword in your Preferences. For example your list of keywords might include "asps, comments, feed, wp-login" and then any links containing those keywords will be excluded from link conversion and remain as is.

How to protect pages nominated for protection

The whole of any website can be protected or just select pages. But either way, any pages to be protected will need some attention to prevent direct access by using a Check Referrer plugin. In the plugin's settings, the only IP address allowe access should be our ASPS server which is Web designers working with custom sites can use any programming language at their disposal (preferably not JavaScript) to check the Referrer of page requests and restrict access by IP address and/or site name. PLugins are also vailble for PHP and Classic ASP. Otherwise sites using CMS like WordPress can use the Check Referrer plugin.

How does ASPS affect SEO and search engine friendliness?

Search engines cannot access ASPS pages. The only way an ASPS page can be accessed is by using the ArtisBrowser, and that is how nit should be.

The protection options that can be applied

The image below depicts your Preferences options:

Note: Kiosk mode over-rides the width/height setting.

How to use the ASPS Check Referrer add-on for CMS

Available for Drupal, Joomal, Moodle and WordPress, ASPS Check Referrer add-on can be used to restrict access to your protected pages ensuring that they can only be viewed via the ASPS DemoS ervice only. More detailed instructions can be found on the ASPS Check Referrer page.

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